Adventures in Germany’s and Poland’s castles and fortresses. Let the bells ring out and the sabres rattle!


We are taking part in the 65 th European Competition dealing with Module 2: Adventures in castles and fortresses. Let the bells ring out and the sabres rattle!

The German pupils

We are a bilingual class of 26 pupils aged between 11 and 12. We have two lessons per week and are free to do little projects and presentations in English. The students have been working in groups of two to five on powerpoint presentations dealing with the Middle Ages, they have been writing on scary stories and adventures in castles, they have been comparing today’s life with the time back then when people lived in castles and they have been producing an audio story related to a legend and a video related to a fairy tale. So, wait and see about our results!

The Polish pupils

We are students of the sports class. Athletics is our specialty. But our interests are very wide. The project has brought us closer to the life of knights in ancient times in Poland and Germany. We have learned about the history of the surrounding castles and have made paintings of the most beautiful of them. We shared legends and stories related to the selected castle. We filmed a staging of one of the legends. We would like to continue cooperation with our German friends.

Castles in Southern Poland drawn by Polish students

Pupils from both countries presented the legends and customs of  medieval castles in an interesting form

This film is a coproduction of bilingual students and arts students. It tells the legend of the 'Weiber of Weinsberg’ (the women of Weinsberg).

Stanisław Boner had a daughter of extraordinary beauty, Olympia. More than one of the local knights would like to see her as a wife, but Olympia gave her heart to a young knight – Stanisław Kmita.

Do you want some excitement in your life? Just watch this film and you are wide awake! After having watched this film, the German pupils won’t ever go to their church in Renningen, Germany again without a feeling of excitement. And the pupils from Poland? You have to come for a visit!

Everything was better in the old times! Was it really? Have a look and judge for yourself….

A group of German students wrote a spooky story that happened in Bavaria, Germany a long time ago to Konrad, the king of Gundelfingen. They recorded it and now you can listen to it – if you are brave enough!!!

A diary, princess, a witch – what else do you need to make a fantastic story? Lean back, have some popcorn and enjoy!

The students who wrote the script for 'The Women of Weinsberg’ produced an audioplay.


The German pupils did some research on medieval times and invented some stories that might have happened at that time.

The Ludwigsburg Castle is close to where German pupils live. The park surrounding the castle has millions of beautiful flowers, it is called Blooming Baroque Ludwigsburg.In autumn there is a big pumpkin show. The person who has the pumpkin that weighs the most gets a trophy. And guess how much this years pumpkin weighs. 1008 kilograms! Kids love the fairy tale garden there. They can play a part in a fairy tale or they can find out more about the tales. And this is what inspired Maya and Joline to write their own fairy tale. You can find it in their presentation about the Castle Ludwigsburg.


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